Jonesville - An Historic Black Community
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Future Plans

For more than 100 years, little to nothing has been done to tell the Jonesville story. The next several decades will be dedicated to uncovering the stories and restoring the structures inside and outside the community that are related to labor our enslaved ancestors provided.

Below is a list of objectives our committees are currently discussing:

  • Establish legal entity for the property owners of Jonesville
  • Create Community Benefits Agreement with the Town of Rolesville and/or area developers
  • Apply for and earn official national, state, and local historic designation
  • Collect, preserve, display comunity and family history (written/oral stories, photos, artifacts, etc)
  • Removing community properties from Rolesville's ETJ
  • Establish municiple services (water/sewer) availabity to all properties in the community
  • Reduce speed limit in community to 25 mph
  • Install a police call box at Jonesville Road and Malor Drive.
  • Adopt-a-Highway Campaign
  • Sidewalk/sidepath road imporvements
  • Neighborhood signage/monikor